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Usually the density is determined, prefereably in the units g/cm, kg/m and g/ml.

With alcoholometers usually the content of alcohol by volume in ethanol-water mixtures are determined.

Reference temperature is 20C. Other reference temperatures are possible.

Calibration is generally made for 'reading below', for non-transparent liquids also 'reading above'.

Available in the following types:

density hydrometers, standard

density hydrometers, DIN
hydrometers, ASTM
Hydrometers, BS 718
hydrometers for mineraloil, liquified gas, milk, water
hydrometers, Baum und Brix
hydrometers for special applications


Aids for the work with hydrometers:

Catalogue numbers
H798700 upto H798716
Hydrometer Jars,

on foot with spout, several sizes 50ml upto 2000ml capacity.

Catalogue numbers
H798754 upto H798778
Cardanic Suspension Device,

complete with glass cylinder c.450mm long, inner- c.40mm upto 54mm; spare glass cylinder.


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