Bimetal Dial Thermometers and Dial Remote Thermometers

Catalogue numbers
T110300 uptoT111234

Bimetal Dial Thermometers,

for heating systems and industrial plants, thread R1/2" and R3/4", stem horizontal or vertical, several ranges, built-in length 45 upto 100mm and case- 63 upto 100mm.

Catalogue numbers
T111906 uptoT111908

Bimetal Dial Thermometers,

as tubular surface thermometer for tubes, attachment by coiled spring, 0+120C, case- 63mm and 80mm.

Catalogue numbers
T112420 uptoT112462

Adhesive Thermometers with Magnet,

with 2 or 3 magnets, several ranges between  -30 and +500C, case- 63mm and 78mm.

Catalogue numbers
T113100 uptoT113254

Precision Dial Remote Thermometers, Top Quality of Stainless Steel,

capillary tube 1m (changeable on request), probe 150mm long, with thread R1/2", several ranges between 0C and +600C, case- 100mm and 150mm.


Many individuel variants. We are specialised in special fabrications!




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